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Models for Mechanical Analysis of Generators with Floating Rotor Rim

Published: 3 March 2022

The Swedish Hydropower Centre, SVC was founded in 2005 and is from 2018 a centre of excellence. Through research and development of technology, systems, methods and issues around hydropower and dams, we contribute to a renewable energy system.

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Dynamic Modeling of Hydropower Units

Sweden has a long history of using hydropower; after all, 45% of its energy comes from it. Old hydropower units need upgrading to withstand the higher forces and extreme conditions produced by synchronization and short-circuits.

Some failures in hydropower units are related to the generator, specifically to the deformation of the rotor and the stator. These deformations affect other components, such as the guide bearings; we are working on developing reliable models that could estimate the dynamics of hydropower generators that could lead to better designs and help predict potential failures in the system. The models consider:

  • Centrifugal forces
  • Electromagnetic forces
  • Unbalanced forces
  • Deformation of rotors and stators
  • Impact of short circuit torques

The simple models are then validated through 3D FE models using NX and measurements from actual machines.

This research is part of the Swedish Hydropower Centre – SVC with participating companies and industry associations, like Vattenfall R&D, Vattenfall Vattenkraft, and Voith Hydro

PhD Student: David Rondon

Supervisor: Jan-Olov Aidanpää