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Sustainability in focus when research is summarized

Published: 28 November 2016

The Faste Laboratory at Luleå University of Technology summerized ten years of research on the 23rd of November. The main outcome of a performance-based business model has to do with sustainability.

– We have seen significant improvements in sustainability when companies supply function. With this business model the industry can achieve profitability without destroying or degrading the natural environment or the welfare, says Magnus Karlberg, head of the Faste Laboratory.

So far there is no company that delivers functional products. According to Magnus Karlberg the potential lies in specially developed subsystems for provision of performance.

– The product developer must retain ownership and responsibility for the subsystems throughout the whole life cycle, which creates incentives for sustainability. Swedish companies also have the opportunity to become the first to own the market, he says.

Total solutions for resource efficiency

There are profits to be made for companies that can switch, but still the industry has a long way to go. The Performance day was attended by several of the industrial partners within the Faste Laboratory. Rikard Mäki, director and responsible for technology planning and public funding at Volvo CE said that it is important to look at the big picture of their processes.

– Overall productivity has increased in most industries but the construction industry has been standing quite still partly because we have not found the new solutions. We already see the effects of the consumption of finite resources and there is a potential in a comprehensive solution that enables productivity, he says.

A performance-based business model assumes that the internal processes of organizations are changing. Ylva Fältholm, researchers at Luleå University of Technology mention the resistance that exists in many organizations.

– It takes a long time to produce knowledge and get a long-term development and therefore we need to implement the results in a good way. If we involve the public sector we will deal with questions about how ideas and management concepts can be transferred from the private sector to the public. 

Government promotes global trend

Lena Svendsen, secretary at the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation, describes this development as a global trend that the government wants to promote.

– We have launched five cooperation programs and in the industrialization strategy sustainability is a focus area. Several efforts are made to support the sharing economy and circular economy, she says.

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Photo: Ted Karlsson

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Photo: Ted Karlsson


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