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SSPI – Scalable Search of Product lifecycle Information

Published: 7 March 2011

Professor Lennart Karlsson, of the Division of Computer Aided Design (CAD) at Luleå University of Technology (LTU) and Professor Tore Risch, of the Department of Information Technology at Uppsala University (UU), have been awarded SEK 24 million by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research in support of research in Software-intensive Systems. Industrial suppliers of especially functional products (FP), need to identify and monitor the correct parameter sets of products in use to be able to meet FP business agreements. (However, the tools and methods are also applicable to other business agreements and industries.) Other effects of using DSMS technologies are the opportunity to better being able to plan service and to improve operation of industrial products.

To do these things, software systems for efficient and scalable search of product data and meta-knowledge produced during the entire product life cycle are needed. Therefore the SSPI project aims to develop to develop such software systems based on Data Stream Management Systems (DSMS) and the semantic web model. The software systems should be able to handle information stored in various types of data repositories (such as relational databases, data stream management systems, Cad/PDM systems etc.). None the least, such SSPI systems need to be able to handle information from modelling and simulating of product characteristics.

Therefore, in collaboration with Uppsala University the SSPI - Scalable search of product lifecycle information project was started. The five-year research project will be conducted by senior researchers and doctoral students at the Division of Computer Aided Design, LTU, and Uppsala Database Laboratory (UDBL), UU. UDBL is mainly responsible for research related to information technology and CAD carries out product development-related research including product-data management, modelling and simulation. These areas are of major strategic importance for Swedish industry.

SSPI is very important in an international context, which is why the project also aims to attract international researchers for further collaboration. Scientifically and for industry, the research results are expected to have great significance.

Professor Lennart Karlsson emphasizes the importance of cooperation with a strong research partner in information technology such as UDBL. The joint project will create opportunities for further strengthening the partners’ leading positions in information technology and in product development.

Facts about the project

Time frame: 2009-2013
Funding: 24MSEK from the Swedish foundation for Strategic Research, SSF,
Participants CAD(LTU):
Lennart Karlsson, Magnus Löfstrand, Ahmad Alzghoul, Petter Kyösti, Björn Backe
Stakeholders: Division of CAD, UDBL, Hägglunds Drives AB, AB Sandvik Coromant
Participants UDBL, UU:
Professor Tore Risch and PhD Students


Professor Lennart Karlsson, LTU
Cell phone: 070 - 590 32 42