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Smart Vortex - EU Integrated Project

Published: 7 March 2011

During the design, development, production and when a product is in use, a number of data or data streams are generated. These data and data streams can be used to find the root cause of problems that arise during a product's life cycle. Further, collaboration in between partners working with developing products and feedback from customers is addressed. All the above mentioned data can, when analysed, be used for decision making, engineering and collaboration.

Facts about the project

Time frame: 2010 - 2013
Participants: Magnus Löfstrand, Magnus Karlberg, Lennart Karlsson, Ove Isaksson, Petter Kyösti, Björn Backe, Ahmad Alzghoul, Anna Karlsson, John Lindström
Stakeholders: Project consortium of 14 partners

John Lindström