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Publications at Machine Design

Article in journal

Semi-autonomous methodology to validate and update customer needs database through text data analytics (2020)

Marti Bigorra. A, Isaksson. O, Karlberg. M
International Journal of Information Management, Vol. 52
Conference paper

A Preliminary Experiment to Excite and Identify Modal Frequencies of a Rotor in the Rotating Frame of Reference (2019)

Gantasala. S, Aidanpää. J
Part of: Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Rotor Dynamics, IFToMM, s. 265-277, Springer, 2019
Article in journal

Aspect-based Kano categorization (2019)

Marti Bigorra. A, Isaksson. O, Karlberg. M
International Journal of Information Management, Vol. 46, s. 163-172
Doctoral thesis, comprehensive summary

Customer-focused data-driven target setting (2019)

Marti Bigorra. A
Article in journal

Experimental Investigation of a 10 MW Prototype Kaplan Turbine during Start-Up Operation (2019)

Soltani Dehkharqani. A, Engström. F, Aidanpää. J, Cervantes. M
Energies, Vol. 12, nr. 23
Conference paper

Fluid added polar inertia and damping for the torsional vibration of a Kaplan turbine model runner considering multiple perturbations (2019)

Soltani Dehkharqani. A, Aidanpää. J, Engström. F, Cervantes. M
Part of: IOP Conference Series, Earth and Environmental Science, Institute of Physics (IOP), 2019, 062007
Article in journal

Numerical Investigation of the Aeroelastic Behavior of a Wind Turbine with Iced Blades (2019)

Gantasala. S, Tabatabaei. N, Cervantes. M, Aidanpää. J
Energies, Vol. 12, nr. 12
Doctoral thesis, comprehensive summary

Towards a Functional Product theory (2019)

Sas. D
Article in journal

Vibration-based Condition Monitoring of Heavy Duty Machine Driveline Parts (2019)

Torque Converter, Gearbox, Axles and Bearings
Källström. E, Lindström. J, Håkansson. L, Karlberg. M, Lin. J
International Journal of Prognostics and Health Management, Vol. 10
Article in journal

Wind Turbine Aerodynamic Modeling in Icing Condition (2019)

Three-Dimensional RANS-CFD Versus Blade Element Momentum Method
Tabatabaei. N, Gantasala. S, Cervantes. M
Journal of energy resources technology, Vol. 141, nr. 7