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DEPICT LAB - Technology based on human conditions

Published: 31 March 2016

DEPICT LAB is a laboratory where scientists can visualise and analyse human behaviour using the latest technology in the field. The measuring equipment makes it possible to study human behaviour and subconscious cognitive processes.

A large part of the equipment in the lab is mobile and can be used in both lab and industrial environments. Studies have already been done in a control room environment, for example at process operators in mines and among staff in a train control center.

The biometric measurements used are:

  • Electroencephalography ( EEG ) - a method for recording the spontaneous electrical activity of the cerebral cortex using electrodes
  • Electromyography ( EMG ) - a method for measuring the response of the muscles to stimulation from the nervous system.
  • Skin conductance ( GSR) - to measure the skin's electrical conductivity.
  • Equipment is also available for measuring the heart's electrical activity, eye movements and people's facial expressions.

The lab is an important resource at national level to combine different measurement methods. Through a system that can talk to all sensors at the same time, surveys can be tailored to most situations where people's experiences are to be studied.

research Cooperation

The equipment is used by researchers and students within, for example, technology development, marketing and behavioral science, but also enables new interdisciplinary meetings with other universities and companies. Contact us if you want to know more about DEPICT LAB or cost calculations when you do research applications.

The DEPICT lab is financed by the Kemp Foundation and the lab fund at Luleå University of Technology with SEK 2.6 million.



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