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coop huginn project
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Published: 9 October 2018

Project Description
Procurement is a key driver for innovation in community construction, but it can also be an obstacle to development as it clearly affects all the components of the innovation system. In community building, Skellefteå municipality, as the first municipality in Sweden, used an innovation-promoting procurement strategy based on competitive dialogue with cooperation agreements for procurement of landfill, land and construction work on its road network. The idea of ​​this kind of procurement strategy is to focus less on technical solutions and instead take more account of function, competence, collaboration and dialogue to jointly achieve more long-term sustainable solutions.

The purpose of the research project is to increase understanding of this strategy and its effects on the innovation system as well as its new possibilities for managing and organizing the innovation system that promotes sustainable development of community construction. The first part focuses on increasing understanding of this procurement strategy and its impact on the innovation system to facilitate the introduction of other clients. The second part is to develop, together with the supplier, advice and process support for their strategic development work and how they can use their knowledge better in connection with innovation-promoting procurement.

Project Information
Project leader: Johan Larsson , Industrial and Sustainable Construction, LTU
Involved from Product Innovation: Lisa Larsson
Partners: Skellefteå Municipality, NCC
Financing: InfraSweden2030, Vinnova
Time frame: 2018-2020