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IDON doctoral course

Published: 20 May 2011

The iDON doctoral seminar aims to give PhD students the practical skills in designing research studies, performing observations and analyzing empirical data. The seminar will focus on the observation of teams to understand the complex social interaction between members in a design team.

The main approach is built upon seminars and reflective workshops lead by experienced researchers within the area of methodologies for field studies and design observations.


Beside the issues of when, how and what to observe, other concerns that will be discussed in the theoretical and practical workshops are:

  • Differences and similarities in field work and experiments
  • The application of observations in different research fields
  • The role of the researcher
  • Terms for research quality
  • Hypotheses, research purposes and research questions
  • Measurements, unit of analysis, coding schemes

The IDON seminar is an opportunity to share best practises with researchers that are active within various disciplines within the design science field, and to build a network among research fellows.