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Creative collaborative methods: FUNC3

Published: 31 October 2013

Innovation is important to create new solutions, whether, for example, new products or services or a new organization. The creative abilities of employees are becoming more interesting to support and develop. A creative environment can be said to have at least two dimensions, the room and the atmosphere. These two dimensions need to support each other. The room can design for this, but can you do it with the mood too?

Creative work is often recommended to be faciliterat of some third person, ie. a person who is more interested in managing the process than to contribute to the content. The person can be someone outside the company or organization, but also any outside group that does not have equal ownership and responsibility for the group's work. As a facilitator, it is an advantage to have practiced the ability to see and feel in the group both working and working, but the facilitator also needs supporting approaches that propose to achieve the level of activity that you want from the group.

Evaluation of Radical Innovation Workshop (RIW), ie. a workshop format for idea creation, identified that there are lots of creative methods in industry, but they do not fit together. This pointed to a need for a framework, a form of process thinking, which is aimed at practitioners.

The methods from RIW package was therefore in terms of FUNC 3, an acronym for Fun, Unique, Novel, Collaborative, Creative and Crazy, a framework for creating innovative facilitated workshops. The framework for FUNC 3 consists of three steps:

  • Now: is a situation analysis that includes the intended users / customers' problem situation - a deep dive into their perspective simply.

  • Wow: that's a vision that includes expressing the impossible, it can only dare to dream of - a world where everything is possible simply.

  • How: bridging the current state and future vision by examining how to get there - a plan for the solution simply.


Each step includes three creative approaches to activity the purpose, three step x three methods are nine methods to choose from for a workshop. Since there are over 40 different methods (both proprietary and others) to apply, you can create countless variations of a FUNC third You can adjust the time for each step / method so that the workshop can be anywhere from one hour to two days long, which makes several iterations between now-wow-how. That way you can quickly get an alternative image or a deep and detailed understanding of the problem. During the now-wow-how participants should follow the instructions method, generally you get over those not comment, question or defend ideas and thoughts, either their own or others. This is because such a procedure every time without exception creates a bad atmosphere.

The result is thus a method which takes into account the current situation and then make room for dreams and visions and allow engineers to act and come up with ideas based on these. The important thing is not to feel inhibited and to let the thoughts run wild in a permissive environment. When you have formulated the dreams and visions, you move on to how to practically move forward in the process. The method is diverging and converging, and thus acquire the group together with an overview of what has been learned. The process is structured according to the different stages and one of the keys is to linger at the crossings, and not to rush into the next.

FUNC 3 is implemented in Innovation Factories, Innovation Pilots and performed on behalf of other companies.

FUNC3 manual fine also as an interactive iBook