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Radical Innovation Workshop - RIW

Publicerad: 27 april 2008

The main idea with Radical Innovation Workshops is that:
- We can foster radical innovation by bringing diverse group of experts together
- We can reach true collaboration and utilize the full potential of the gathered team
- We can realize new, and innovative, solutions using a core team

Next Years Headlines example
Next Years Headlines example

Radical Innovation Workshop Process

The RIW process has some main components, but is adopted to the actual context of the task at hand for the innovation team. The RIW consists of the main phases:

  • Teambuilding exercise
    • Be comfortable with the team and the facilitators
    • Team challenge exercise
      • Reduce “protective shield” in group work
      • Prepare work together
  • Workshop
    • The actual work
    • Choice of methods and tools according to context
  • Post-workshop follow-up
    • Documentation, analysis etc.
    • For the team to use according to chosen strategy