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Published: 11 September 2018

One of the driving forces for Product innovation is that our research will make a real difference of some sort in the world, and this is fundamentally what is meant by saying your research has an impact. Research impact is often defined as "the demonstrable contribution that excellent research makes to society and the economy".

We try to describe our impact into two main categories:

Academic Impact

The Academic impact includes significant advances in understanding, methods, theory and application. For us it implies that we are active on a local, national and international level to develop the academic area of product innovation. This is done in collaboration with industry and other academics.
For us one way to disseminate high quality research publications within the area of product innovation, at the same time we see that people behind the research is the ones that in the long term can make a difference. So therefore the post graduate education and long term development of researchers is very important.

Industrial impact

Our research is often done in collaboration with industry. We think that our main impact to industry is when organisations improve and adapt their way of working based on research done by us. We believe that industry will not change their way of working based on our research papers, here more refined methods and tools has been to developed. Therefore we often strive to develop simple tools, methods and guidelines. These tools and methods will be rapidly introduced in engineering education at LTU. We see this as one of the quickest way of implementing tools, methods and industry.
We also see that our former Phd students are often the catalyst of implementing and transferring research ideas into industry.