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Course Introduction to Space Technology

Published: 19 April 2016

Our PhD student Angelica Lindwall participated in the course Introduction to Space Technology that is provided by the Graduate School of Space Technology. The course was given to those who didn’t have the space background within the graduate school. There were 8 course participants and two 3-day sessions that provided knowledge regarding auroras, the magnetosphere, comets, meteors, asteroids, plasma physics etc.

The first session was focused on rocket science with a rocket lab where the participants was provided with model rockets. Assignments such as finding center of pressure and making rocket calculations were made before the launch. During the launch the participants measured the height and compared it to their calculations.

During the second session there was a focus on radars, space missions and space debris. One assignment was to estimate the weight of a mission when choosing between e.g. water and oxygen tanks. Between the sessions some assignments were given, such as aurora observations and classifications, problem solving tasks and an exploration within a specific area.