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Visit at Design Factory

Published: 28 April 2010

2010-03: Peter Törlind visited the design Factory during one week to deepen the collaboration between LTU/PIEp and the Aalto University.

Design factory is one of three factories at Aalto University, that specialises on multidisciplinary research between the three schools at Aalto University. (School of Art and Design, School of Economics, School of Science and Technology)

A typical meeting rom at DF
A typical meeting rom at DF

Collaboration between LTU-PIEp and Aalto University

During the week I had the opportunity to interact with both researchers and students at the school, be involved in Design reviews in a global product development course (ME310 - That is organized by our friends from Stanford University, several of our current research staff has been involved in the  ME310 course, as students or coache, so it was an interesting opportunity to see it from the Finnish side.

We also decided that we should arrange a PhD course in creativity together where one of the workshops will be done at Aalto University.

 This course will be arranged by PIEp during summer/autumn 2010 and Peter Törlind will be the examiner.

df- aalto100302-026.jpg
Environments for physical protoptyping

The environments

The physical environment at the Design Factory is very interesting and creative, for you that has been visited d.School at Stanford - it is something similar but with a Finnish twist.

I really appreciated the environments and the people working there, pragmatic and creative with a strong aura of “vain tehdä se!” (just do it!)

Thanks to my cicerones during the week – Anders, Lauri and Kalevi

About Aalto University
Aalto university was created as a merger of the three universities Helsinki University of Technology, Helsinki Business school and Helsinki University of applied art and design in 2010 and has three multidiciplinary 'factories' for collaborative research and education - Design Factory, Media Factory and Service Factory.

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