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Industrial training in creative methods

Published: 9 November 2010

2010-10: Mattias Bergström and Åsa Ericson have at three occasions educated innovation coaches in FUNC3, which is a workshop format for creative work. The material is developed by the personnel at the division, but has been improved and put together into an education package by Mattias and Åsa.


FUNC3 is an abbreviation of FUNfunctional Charrette, where charrette indicates that the workshop should have a bit higher tempo than usual. We also say that the abbreviation stands for: Facilitated, Unique, Novel, Collaborative, Creative and Crazy, to give some hints for what it is.

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Education in Innovation

Volvo Construction and Equipment have started a strategic work for innovations, the so called iCoaches are a vital part of that work. The division of Functional Product Development contributes with an education package based on FUNC3. The VCE iCoaches have during the education trained their ability to lead and focus a team’s creative process. The first occasion for education was in June in Eskilstuna, the second in midst October in our facilities in Luleå, and the third took place in late October in Changwon in Korea. For the participants, each occasion compromised of three days full of activities, work and discussions where several interesting topics were in focus.

These occasions were, for Mattias and Åsa, an opportunity to learn more about different practices and ideas, but also an opportunity to refine the material due to good feedback from the participants.


 Thank you all for “Playing the Game”!