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Prof Tobias Larsson in workshop discussions
Prof Tobias Larsson in workshop discussions

Many want to learn more about measuring for innovation

Published: 12 November 2010

Within the PIEp research programme the research project on "Measuring Innovation in Teams - MINT" has focused important metrics to understand if teams are performing in terms of their innovation task at hand. An important and, according to the workshop attendance, very interesting area since the result of innovation efforts come when product/service hit the market and that might be much later than the actual performed work. LTU, KTH and LU have worked together in the project together with industry.

PIEp, VINNOVA and Innovation Management co-hosted a workshop in conjunction with the release of the best practice paper "Measuring for Innovation – A Guide for Innovative Teams" by the research team. Some 35 available seats where filled with companies interested in how to work in this area.

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