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Networked Innovation

Published: 26 March 2010

2010-03: March 25:th Peter Törlind visited the Nederland’s for a workshop in the project "Developing a designerly approach to networked innovation".
The venue was the DAF museum in Eindhoven, an interesting and inspiring meeting place.


The workshop

The meeting was an excellent example on academic industry collaboration, we had a very good discussion about current issues regarding networked innovation at companies and the current status of the research.

After the presentation by the industrial partners it was clear that open innovation/networked innovation is difficult, and very few methods and guidelines exists for setting up this kind of partnerships.

 We can also conclude the trend of PSS (Product Service Systems) is spreading to other areas as well, several companies brought up this in their presentations.

The research project is very close to several projects in the in the Faste laboratory the similar issues are effects of diversity, measuring team performance, knowledge sharing in the extended enterprise setting, etc.

The project

Developing a designerly approach to networked innovation is a project within the IOP – research (Integrale Productcreatie en –Realisatie).

The specific challenges of networked innovation with the aim to develop tools and interventions to better harness the potential of collaboration across organisations. In today’s increasingly competitive markets, innovation is a crucial means for long-term survival. The required combination of technical and market knowledge often asks for collaboration across organizational boundaries.

Industry partners: Design Initiatief, DAF Trucks, Philips Design, Driessen Aerospace, Friesland Campina,Volvo Aero Corporation, Indes, Sunidee and Insights International. Which is a good mix of large and small companies from a very diverse background. They all share the interest in Design and Innovation.

Research partners: TU Delft, University of Rotterdam, De Haagse Hogeschool and Luleå University of Technology.