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Lars-Ola, Ola Isaksson, LTU honorary doctor Panos Plegas, Petter Andersson, Patrik Boart

Knowledge Engineering research gives Volvo Aero technology award!

Published: 10 March 2008

2008-03: The Volvo Aero Technology Award 2008 has been awarded Lars-Ola Normark, Patrik Boart, Petter Andersson and Ola Isaksson for the development, implementation and deployment of an Automated Design Optimization tool in the development of Jet engine components in the GEnx programme.


The Product Development Management board motivates the decision to award the Automated Design Optimization tool the Volvo Aero Technology Award by saying “The approach shortens lead-time, enabling considerable more concepts to be evaluated compared to earlier methods. This renders increased engineering design quality and supports concurrent design with our partners.”
In essence, the objective of automation from the perspective of design is to enable accurate evaluation of 'numerous' (50+) different concepts without increasing the workload for the designers.

"This is an excellent example of long term cooperation between industry and university which leads to increased competitiveness for Volvo Aero and simultaneously stimulating the new research areas to develop in the universities" says Ola Isaksson, Company Specialist and Adjunct Professor in Functional Product Development.

“This is of course good recognition for the unique research in Functional Product Development, and specifically Knowledge Engineering, at Luleå university of technology”, says Professor Tobias Larsson, division of functional product development. “Research that has been going on for some years in European Framework Programme projects and national research projects is now starting to show results via the type of industrial implementation made by the Volvo Aero team”

The Award Ceremony was held at the Volvo Aero Technology Day, February 27, 2008. The winners all have an active past or present role as students or researchers in LTU. In addition the winners are nominated for the Volvo Technology prize which will be awarded later this spring