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VEP Conferencing


Published: 20 November 2008

2208-11: November 20:th a "Mega Conference" in the project Virtual European Parliament was held between Barcelona, Luleå and Gent.

In the conference youths from Spain, Sweden and Belgium debated about bloggs and integrity.

Hetrogenous conferencing
Hetrogenous conferencing

Hetregenous conferencing

Peter Törlind from FPD was responsible for the technoical stuff at the Swedish site, the conference was held in the Studio with about 30 students from LTU.

In the conference both high and low bandwidth technologies was used, the three main conference sites used DV over internet (30Mbit per stream) at the same time the conference was streamed over internet using a low bandwith stream, the remote users could also comment using a chat client.

All participants could also vote using SMS.

Student that votes using SMS

Virtual European Parliament

The project in Luleå is managed by CDT.

The objective of the project is to successfully create a public room – the Virtual European Parliament - for debate between citizens and decision makers (i.c. MEP’s) in EC. The results of our project will contribute to the objective in i2010 to create a single European information space with increased knowledge about how to bring citizens and decision makers together in dialogue and debate. Our project will also contribute to an improved legislative process by successfully bringing citizens and decision makers together.

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