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PIEp – workshop in Hamburg

Published: 22 September 2008

2008-09: Mattias Bergström and Vinit Parida (Div of Entrepreneurship) have participated in a PIEp workshop in Hamburg, the 10-13 of September. PIEp (Product Innovation Engineering Programme) is a national network that aims to improve innovation processes in Sweden.

The Workshop

The result of the workshop was the launch of a number of Common Interest Groups (CIG) that will act as a basis for activities, collaboration and dissemination within the network. LTU will play an active part in at least two of these groups. The first, Open Innovation CIG, that focuses innovation on an organizational level. Open innovation and Virtual enterprises are at the heart of this CIG. The second, Innovation Capabilitiy CIG, that focuses innovation on a group level as well as the individual level. The formation and name of these groups are tentative but will be set shortly.

Among the activities that will be performed in these CIG is; visits to groups of excellence whose work relates to the CIG interests, visits to companies and the identification of synergy effects between researchers. PIEp will support these groups financially.

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