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Schwab Residential Center
Schwab Residential Center

Peter attending an executive course at Stanford

Published: 25 June 2008

2008-06: Peter Törlind has just come home from USA where he attended the course Managing Team for Innovation and Success on Stanford Graduate School of Business.

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Peter tells his impressions from the course:

"As a assistant professor, it's important that you still have a personal development, as a Ph. D. student you always attends courses. And I truly believe that you must continue to be inspired and learn all the time.

On our division we have personal development plans suited to our goals and expectations and also to match them with the division, and LTU, strategy.

The course that I attended at Stanford was quite demanding (course days from 8 am to 9 pm every day) and some of the lectures was Bob Sutton, Margarete Neale och Greg Northcraft.

Workshop on IDEO
Workshop on IDEO


"The participants on the course was from the whole world; USA, South America, Scandinavia, India, Australia, China, Japan, France and Portugal.

To read a course with a very high diversity is demanding but really adds value, you can discuss similarities and differences between different countries, branches, cultures and regions.

For me one of the best moments in the course was the one day workshop at IDEO, one of the most famous design firms in the world. It’s interesting to see that our approach that we teach in our Product Development course is as good as what they teach."

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