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Participants in Sagadi 2008

The new global research system

Published: 16 September 2008

2008-09: ...was the title on a course for PhD supervisors that Peter Törlind participated in. The course participants came from Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia and Russia and their research fields varied from theoretical philosophy and linguistics to biomedical engineering and communication systems.

Course agenda

The purpose of the course is to prepare the participants for the challenges facing young supervisors of today in the new global research system.

Even tough the course was extremely multidisciplinary, we took the opportunity to learn from each other and the challenges as a supervisor are very similar.

Lecturers in the course:

Hans Siggaard Jensen, Professor and Director of Learning Lab Denmark.

Lotta Hansson, Assoc. Professor in Ecological Environmental Protection.

Per Lauvås, Professor and author/co-author of a number of publications on supervision..

Peeter Päts, Assoc. Professor in Insect Ecology and Plant Protection..

Tomas Hellström, Professor at Lund's University.

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