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eChallenges 2008

Published: 22 October 2008

2008-10: Mattias Bergström and Peter Törlind participated in eChallenges 2008 where Mattias presented the paper "Towards Virtual Co-location in Functional Product Development".

Conferencing and networking

The paper that Mattias presented focused on the needs for virtual collaboration in the extended enterprise which has been identified within research track 4.1 in the Faste Laboratory. The eChallenges conference attracts many research groups on the European arena which focus on Information and Communication Technology (ICT). There was also a high presence of researchers from LTU. Groups that were represented include CDT, Informatics, Entrepreneurship and Functional Product Development. Therefore, the conference is an excellent opportunity to meet and network with fellow researchers. During the conference we meet several research groups that are interested in the concept of Functional Product Development and the new Design Observatory at LTU. We also saw that many more people understand the concept of Functional Products (Product-Service Systems) and that it involves so much more than traditional business agreements of the leasing kind.

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