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Henrik Nergård in action mode..
Henrik Nergård in action mode..

Congratulations Henrik, PhD!

Published: 11 June 2009

2009-06: Henrik Nergård, division of Functional Product Development, has today presented and defended his PhD thesis, called: “Knowledge Engineering Models as Experience Carriers”. Professor Staffan Sunnersjö, Jönköping University was the opponent. The examination committee consisted of Professor Tim McAloone, Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby, Associate professor Kjell Andersson, KTH Stockholm and Professor Lars Stehn, Luleå University of Technology.


Within the frame for our research subject Functional Product Development, Henriks work can be found especially in the interest area Knowledge Enabled Engineering, and Simulation Driven Design. He has focused experience feedback and how insights in each others experiences and knowledge can be used by the engineers to model and simulate different design choices in early development.

Today, engineers work in increasingly global and cross functional teams, this introduces that several companies and distinct competences need to truly collaborate on a daily basis. And, this despite geographical distance. It is important to be able to, for example, document and reuse experiences from earlier development projects in new ones, but the challenges are to understand and interpret each others’ experiences and turn it into actions. Henrik has in his studies developed a number of demonstrators for the aerospace industry. These demonstrators have been used in industry for evaluation of ideas, while Henrik has reflected upon them in his thesis particularly how they could support knowledge enabled engineering from a decision perspective.

The opponent, Professor Staffan Sunnersjö, made the occasion to an opportunity for us all to learn by his thorough review of Henriks work. Henrik got the opportunity to explain and account for his knowledge perspective in relation to the development engineers’ work and to expert systems, but he also had to account for the concept of knowledge from a philosophical point of view. We all appreciated Henriks way of asking the opponent to make his questions clearer and the opponent’s way of patiently rephrase his questions. In this way, the defence become a dialogue that gave us as audience good insights into the research area. After the examination committee have had their meeting, the chairman of the committee Lars Stehn announced that Henrik had passed his defence. Today, again ☺, we celebrated with ‘smörgåstårta’. 

The colleagues at the division like to congratulate Henrik on his accomplishment and wish him best of luck in the future.

Henriks research has been funded by ProViking (Foundation for Strategic Research) the Faste Laboratory (VINNOVA VINN Excellence Center) and NFFP (National Aviation Engineering Research Programme), together with participating companies.

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