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Team based innovation

New project; Global Team Based Innovation with Volvo CE!

Published: 21 September 2009

2009-09: Last Friday, Mattias Bergström and Tobias Larsson had an inspiring meeting together with representatives from Volvo Construction Equipment (VCE), Eskilstuna. This meeting was the starting point of a new research project between LTU and VCE. The aim of the project is to study and map Global Team Innovation at
VCE for the purpose of creating a structured innovation process for global engineering teams.


This project may be viewed as a pre-study as the second purpose is to build a more continuous research project in the area with VCE as a partner.

In this research project, phase 1 spanning over four months, Mattias will study the innovation process and collaboration of at least two global projects where
the team members are located in Sweden, South Korea, Germany and France.

Project leader from Functional Product Development is Mattias Bergström.

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