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Jenny Åhman

Open Talk: Jenny Åhman, Volvo 3P

Publicerad: 12 oktober 2009

2009-10: Jenny Åhman, Project Manager at Volvo 3P and former LTU student held an open talk today in the M7014T course, describing the Volvo Global Development Process and its declination in the design of new trucks and truck components.

Jenny’s talk has been dealing with the most prominent drivers and challenges affecting globally distributed design teams. In such a context, communication and collaboration are cornerstones of successful new products. The ability of dealing with wicked and not-well-defined problems has been also discussed. In such a context, design teams at Volvo 3P has to be able to experience “creative caos”, i.e. to handle situations where they are out of their comfort zone and where inputs for innovation are more likely to be found.