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Open Talk Ola Isaksson, VAC

Publicerad: 1 oktober 2009

2009-09: Ola Isaksson, Adjunct Professor in Functional Product Development at LTU and senior company specialist in Engineering Design at Volvo Aero held an open talk yesterday in the M7014T course.

Prof. Isaksson has presented the VAC perspective on the product development process, highlighting the most relevant issues arising, from a process point of view, when dealing with the design of complex products in ah highly competitive environment.

The talk has mainly been focused on simulation- and verification-related aspects, digging into the problem of how to generate a full spectrum of alternative design concepts and how to make decisions on the one to develop further. Prof. Isaksson has also presented some successful case studies in the area of design automation and has explained how knowledge engineering tools may support the design team in shortening the time needed to create and select best-in-class designs.