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Koteshwar Chirumalla

Välkommen, Koteshwar!

Publicerad: 20 april 2009

2009-04: Avdelningen för FPD har under de senaste månaderna genomfört ett rekryteringsarbete, som har medfört att Koteshwar Chirumalla idag gör sin första dag som doktorand vid Luleå tekniska universitet. Nedan finner ni en kort intervju med Koteshwar (endast på engelska).

Koteshwar Chirumalla

What is your academic background?
I performed my college education with a specialization of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry in 1998. Soon after, I chose the engineering field for my further education. I earned my bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering specialization from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (J.N.T.U), India in 2002. I completed my both master degrees specialized in Production Engineering Management and Materials Processing at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden in 2007.

What is your industrial experience?
I did my first master thesis and two months course project work in Scana Steel Björneborg AB in 2005. During my master thesis, I investigated solidification behavior and thermal properties of five different low alloyed forged steel grades by using two thermal analysis techniques and Nova Flow solidification simulations. I worked for Hydro Aluminum Fundo AB in 2006 during my second master thesis and contributed to developing simulation model for analyzing the new Volvo spring link part manufacturing line. Recently I participated in SWEP’s one year Global Postgraduate Trainee Program where I worked with different projects and daily tasks within the areas of Sales & Marketing in the US, Operations in Slovakia and Research & Development in Sweden.

Why have you chosen to start the path towards a PhD?
The PhD student position in Functional Product Development (FPD) is very close to my academic background and my interest areas such as Product development, Process modeling and Production Improvement. The position gives me the opportunity to combine my previous academic and industrial experience and at the same time provides the chances to learn new skills with my enthusiasm and commitment to a particular research subject, Functional Product Development. My research work during the master theses and the trainee program in key functions of industrial organizations has increased my interest towards the research path. I would like to contribute to developing new innovative ideas, methods and tools for product-service integrated solutions with the support of Knowledge Enabled Engineering or improve those that exist. Moreover I would like to use my experiences to develop best product-service integrated solutions for the industry competitiveness and product innovation.

Which three words do you think best describes you as a person?
I am ambitious, open-minded and friendly. I have always adapted well to new work situations with great deal of energy, drive, initiative and positive attitude. I like taking on new challenges and getting things started and seeing them to the very end. I am sociable, thoughtful and can mingle with different cultures and people.

What do you like doing in your spare time?
I like to travel, listening to music, reading personality development books and newspapers, watching movies, sailing and playing cricket. I am very positive and always try to find the good in things. I love travelling especially within Europe. Travelling to new places and reading good books generally makes me a happy person