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CRESCENDO meeting in Derby, UK

Publicerad: 13 september 2010

2010-09: On September 8th-10th Tobias Larsson, Marco Bertoni and Alessandro Bertoni attended the fourth EU FP7 CRESCENDO WP2.2 physical meeting hosted by Rolls Royce in Derby, UK.

The meeting has been the occasion to summarize and discuss the latest achievements in the area of Value Driven Design and Value modelling with researchers and industrial experts from Volvo Aero, AIRBUS, Rolls-Royce UK, EADS, University of Southampton, INSIA Toulouse and Siemens.

WP2.2 is one of the 27 Work Packages in CRESCENDO (Collaborative and Robust Engineering using Simulation Capability Enabling Next Design Optimisation). CRESCENDO aims at addressing the 2020 vision for the European aeronautical industry, developing the foundations for the Behavioral Digital Aircraft (BDA).

The WP2.2 goal is to develop innovative mechanisms to capture, model and understand customers and stakeholders needs and expectations, to incorporate the value dimension into preliminary design in the Virtual Enterprise and to identify criteria that can be used in preliminary design studies to evaluate design alternatives against customer perceived value.

The LTU team is currently exploring new methodologies and tools to support value-driven concept assessment in the early product development process phase. It entails the definition of relevant value drivers and mechanisms to benchmark product service alternatives not merely on the basis of their technical characteristics, but rather on the basis of their overall lifecycle impact. LTU is also investigating innovative approaches to visualize value in a meaningful way for the engineers, e.g. using a color-coding approach to display the impact of a given design alternative at system and super-system level.