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Published: 14 November 2011

The conference was hosted of Denmark technical university and was held on the Lyngby campus, which was a pleasant and inspiring environment. ICED organizers, with Tim McAloone as conference chair, had put together an impressive program, which could also be found as an App. Very useful - thanks for that Tim and Co.

The conference program included many interesting keynote speakers, two of them were:

Jonathan Firth, Virgin Galactic, which highlighted the importance of working together and across areas of expertise when he presented the way from a (crazy?) idea to commercial space tourism. In his presentation, many of the aspects that we at Functional Product Development find interesting were mentioned- to be inspired by metaphors, to test various prototypes to develop the idea, to work in mixed teams.

Bettina von Stamm, Innovation Leadership Forum, made an impressive presentation with very few ppt-slides and many wise words. She urged us to be more aware of how we look at innovation. Do innovation become an end itself or is it a means to an end? Innovation processes is at the heart of our research at Functional Product Development so it can be an explanation for why her presentation got stuck in our memories.

A large delegation from us was involved in different assignments at the ICED conference.

Presentations on Monday:

Christian Johansson: Perceptions of and Challenges with knowledge sharing.

Johan Wenngren: Knowledge-sharing approach in method development.

Peter Törlind was chairman of the session: Collaboration: human behavior into design.

Presentations on Tuesday:

Asa Kastensson: Exploit and Explore, two ways of categorizing innovation projects.

Anna Karlsson: Development of Engineering Knowledge Models to Achieve Product Innovation

Ola Isaksson chaired the session: Knowledge and Industry: Design information and knowledge.