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New project; Holographic Product Verification - HOLOPRO

Published: 20 January 2010

2010-01: The divisions of Functional Product Development, Experimental Mechanics, and Mathemathics have gotten hypothesis testing from VINNOVA.


The hypothesis in this project is that it is possible to perform a quantitative evaluation of predefined attributes for a physical product in a manufacturing process in less than one second.
Today essentially all product attributes are controlled off-line which limits the flexibility and availability of a manufacturing process. But all essential attributes are normally stored on virtual form as a CAE model together with their tolerances. The bottle-neck is to be able to control them. Holography is a highly sensitive imaging modality that has become feasible due to recent developments within Photonics and IT. Combining holographic images with the virtual master through a rapid match of essential attributes will make possible an all-item control in the manufacturing process. In this project the objective is to take the essential step to couple the geometry of the physical object with the virtual.