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Award for Innovation Researchers

Published: 5 September 2017

Anna Karlsson, Adjunct Senior Lecturer and Peter Törlind, Senior Lecturer, at the research subject Product Innovation at Luleå University of Technology, have been awarded the Distinguished Paper Award.

Anna Karlsson and Peter Törlind have received the award for the article "Mitigating lack of knowledge: a study of ideas in innovative projects".

– The article focus on how new and innovative ideas should not be rejected, which today is the case since they contain too much uncertainty compared to more traditional ideas, says Anna Karlsson.

In the publication, Anna and Peter have studied a number of development projects that have led to innovations.

– We describe the idea development process and how it evolves over time, as well as how the design team bridges the lack of knowledge of the new ideas, says Peter Törlind.

The International Journal of Design Creativity and Innovation publishes articles focusing on the character and potential of creativity and innovation in the design area. The prize is prestigious because only two publications per year are selected.