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M0027T - Ide Developers: Innovation, Drivers and Entrepreneurship

Published: 25 September 2018

The course aims at supporting students who want and are interested in developing an idea or an identified need and dare to move on to an entrepreneurial spirit. The course spans a wide area and the student is expected to have acquired the ability to understand how multiple areas are connected and contribute in the development process from a business concept to a concept or a finished product.

Course objectives
The objective of the course is to give the student the opportunity to:

  • Be aware of current rules for intellectual property protection and evaluate the possibilities for intellectual property protection,
  • have an understanding of and be able to use methods and tools for entrepreneurial and innovation processes,
  • apply the idea development model presented in the course
  • be able to identify and use external resources to realize technical innovation, entrepreneurship and new entrepreneurship,
  • critically analyze and evaluate the potential of their own and others' ideas in relation to existing business concepts,
  • present the results of their work both verbally and in writing in a clear and professional manner

The course is a project course aimed at giving the student the opportunity to dare to take the step and develop his entrepreneurial potential based on the work of moving from idea to new products and innovations. This is done by supporting the student to develop his / her ability to connect, the ability to listen, understand and bring together different perspectives in groups and skills in visualizing and communicating his message to different people. That is, social skills are important and need to be developed in parallel with the final outcome of the project. In order to develop such social skills so that they contribute to a development project, a practical learning approach is required, in which action and reflection are intertwined.

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Contact person: Examiner Peter Törlind
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