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product Innovation

Published: 5 October 2017

Product Innovation provides the course Production Innovation for PhD students interested in innovation in product development. The course is primarily open to PhD students on the subject, but may be of interest to other PhD students.

This course aims at giving the PhD student the opportunity to deepen his / her knowledge of product innovation by critically studying the product development process. This first part is done in collaboration with other universities, where doctoral students together with senior researchers can explore a critical approach to current research in the field. A second part of the course focuses on the PhD student's own research project and its relation to product development. In the second part, the doctoral student will be able to learn to express his research on a scientific and popular scientific basis.

Examination: Active participation in seminars and the work of each participant will be reviewed on a written assignment that is delivered within the stipulated time schedule, as well as an oral presentation of their own project at a final seminar.

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For more information, contact Anna Öhrwall Rönnbäck