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Postgraduate education in product innovation

Published: 27 September 2018

The research education in product innovation is organized so that a research student will acquire both specialist knowledge and breadth within the subject. The PhD program at the department shall be at a high level in an international comparison. After completing a licentiate degree, the research student must be prepared for both research and development tasks. After graduating, the research student must be able to independently conduct research or development activities in industry or academia.

Research subject
Product innovation includes theories and methods for needs and knowledge-driven development processes where product and service development are linked.

The PhD program
The degree program consists of two parts; course part and dissertation part. The extent of the licentiate degree is 120 credits, and the doctoral degree is 240 credits, with 40 credits corresponding to one year's work. The thesis in research education consists of research work and presentation and publication of research results. Of the total workload in the doctorate of 240 credits, the dissertation part will be between 150 and 165 points. For a licentiate degree the total amount is 120 credits and the dissertation part must be between 60 and 75 points.

It is recommended that students wishing to complete a doctorate in product innovation first take a licentiate degree.

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