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FFI Robust Machining

Publicerad: 17 april 2010

Fordonsstrategisk Forskning och Innovation - FFI

Robust Machining logics


New generations of environmentally friendly and safe vehicles require manufacturing of light weight materials with higher strength and, as a consequence, tougher machining conditions and increased machining robustness. There is a lack of practical and reliable methods and tools to meet these challenges in the automotive industry. The very complex system of machine tool, fixture, cutting tools and the machined part is almost impossible to model without complementary measurements of the real system at the factory floor in full production. Using Virtual Engineering together with studies of machining processes the project team will assess these challenges.


Projektledare FPD: Tobias Larsson
Personal FPD: Petter Andersson (industridoktorand, Volvo Aero)
Typ: Forskning
Forskningsområde: Funktionella Produkter
Kunskapsdrivet ingenjörsarbete
Applikationsområde: Fordon
Flyg och rymd
Tidsram: 2009-2012
Finansiering: VINNOVA (10 MSEK) och  partners (24 MSEK)
Partners: KTH
University West
Volvo AB
Coor Service Management
Deckel Maho
ETP Transmission
SMT Swedturn
Spirex Tools
System 3R International