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Fuel from biomass focus of new research center

Published: 23 May 2011

Luleå University of Technology will lead a new research center named Swedish Gasification Centre (SFC) The focus is to conduct research on biomass gasification, which is a key technology for the production of "green" fuels from biomass. SFC is a center where a number of academic stakeholders interacts with industry and has a total budget during 10 years of 540 million SEK (>60 million Euro


- By several academies involved, with their special fields of research and research training, the center will cover a wide range of skills to develop future energy and green fuels from biomass, using various types of gasification technologies, "said Rikard Gebart, coordinator of the SFC and Adjunct Professor at Luleå University of Technology .

Rikard Gebart is also president of ETC Energy Technology Center in Piteå that is a partner in the new research center. Thank´s to the academic cooperation in the SFC, three different gasification technologies can be studied, where LTU / ETC and Umeå University stands for one part, KTH Royal Institute of Technology another and Chalmers University of Technology a third. The common goal for all three is to extract energy and fuels from biomass. The research program's first phase includes two years with a budget of over 58 million SEK of which over 19 million SEK allocated by the Swedish Energy Authority with the rest from academia and industry. One third of the funding comes from the strategic research project Bio4Energy.

The main goal of the research in SFC is to phase out fossil fuels and thus reduce the climate impact by drastically reducing emissions of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Swedish Energy Agency's funding decision based on this case and shows that the research that LTU has built up in close cooperation with ETC and others in Piteå is highly valued.

- I take it as a proof that we during many years conducted extensive research in the area, which received both national and international attention and that we now stands ready in the SFC with a strong research team, says Rikard Gebart.

Research that will be conducted within the framework of the SFC can support Swedish industry in its pursuit of developing full-scale extraction plants which e.g. can extract environmentally friendly fuels, in an environmentally critical area of international recognition.