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Bio4Gasification is one of the research nodes in the Swedish Gasification Centre (SFC) and we work with the technique of suspension gasification. Bio4Gasification involves Luleå University of Technology, Umeå University, Lund University of Technology and Energy Technology Center (ETC) in Piteå.

Bio4Gasification – Suspension Gasification

In suspension gasification (entrained flow gasification), fuel is fed in as a suspension of particles in liquid or as a powder in the gasifier and gasified in general with pure oxygen instead of air. The gasification technique is used to produce the fuels DME and methanol.

Bio4Gasification is one of three research nodes in the SFC. The others are based on direct gasification and indirect gasification. Between the technologies are many common and general issues that the three nodes can interact and exchange experiences about. The common aim of all three is to extract energy and fuels from biomass.


Rikard Gebart

Rikard Gebart, Professor Emeritus

Phone: +46 (0)920 492196
Organisation: Energy Engineering