Adolfo Sotoca
Adolfo Sotoca

Adolfo Sotoca

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Quality of Social Space in Selected Contemporary Multifamily Housing Complexes in Poland's Three Biggest Cities (2019)

Gyurkovich. M, Sotoca. A
Ingår i: IOP Conference Series, Materials Science and Engineering, Institute of Physics (IOP), 2019, 092009
Artikel i tidskrift

Building Narkomfin House in Moscow (2018)

Lessons from the Weimar Republic
Movilla Vega. D, Sotoca. A, Gyurkovich. M
Teka Komisji Urbanistyki i Architektury, Vol. 176, s. 177-196
Artikel i tidskrift

Towards the Cracow metropolis (2018)

a dream of a reality? a seclted issues
Gyurkovich. M, Sotoca Carcia. A
Czasopismo techniczne, Vol. 115, nr. 2, s. 5-25