Aekjuthon Phounglamcheik
Aekjuthon Phounglamcheik

Aekjuthon Phounglamcheik

Luleå tekniska universitet
Institutionen för teknikvetenskap och matematik
E150 Luleå


Artikel i tidskrift

A Shortcut Method to Predict Particle Size Changes during Char Combustion and Gasification under regime II Conditions (2019)

Kreitzberg. T, Phounglamcheik. A, Haugen. N, Kneer. R, Umeki. K
Combustion Science and Technology
Licentiatavhandling, sammanläggning

Biocarbon for fossil coal replacement (2018)

Phounglamcheik. A

Change in size and density of a biomass char during heterogeneous reactions (2018)

Phounglamcheik. A, Umeki. K
Paper presented at : 25th International conference on Chemical Reaction Engineering, Florence, Italy, 20-23 May 2018

Effects of pyrolysis oil recycling and reaction gas atmosphere on the physical properties and reactivity of charcoal from wood (2018)

Phounglamcheik. A, Wang. L, Romar. H, Broström. M, Ramser. K, Skreiberg. Ø, et al.
Paper presented at : 22nd International Symposium on Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis, Kyoto, Japan, 3-8 June 2018
Artikel i tidskrift

Increasing efficiency of charcoal production with bio-oil recycling (2018)

Phounglamcheik. A, Wretborn. T, Umeki. K
Energy & Fuels, Vol. 32, nr. 9, s. 9650-9658