Ahmed Afif Monrat
Ahmed Afif Monrat

Ahmed Afif Monrat

PhD Student position
Luleå University of Technology
Computer Science
Department of Computer Science, Electrical and Space Engineering
+46 (0)910 585372
A112 Skellefteå

1. Monrat, A.A., Islam, R.U., Hossain, M.S. and Andersson, K., 2018, October. A belief rule based flood risk assessment expert system using real time sensor data streaming. In 2018 IEEE 43rd Conference on Local Computer Networks Workshops (LCN Workshops) (pp. 38-45). IEEE.

2. Monrat, A.A., Islam, R.U., Hossain, M.S. and Andersson, K., 2018. Challenges and Opportunities of Using Big Data for Assessing Flood Risks. In Applications of Big Data Analytics(pp. 31-42). Springer, Cham.

3. Hossain, M.S., Monrat, A.A., Hasan, M., Karim, R., Bhuiyan, T.A. and Khalid, M.S., 2016, May. A belief rule-based expert system to assess mental disorder under uncertainty. In 2016 5th International Conference on Informatics, Electronics and Vision (ICIEV) (pp. 1089-1094). IEEE.

4. Alharbi, S.T., Hossain, M.S. and Monrat, A.A., 2015. A belief rule based expert system to assess autism under uncertainty. In Proceedings of the World Congress on Engineering and Computer Science (Vol. 1).