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Ahmed Afif Monrat
Ahmed Afif Monrat

Ahmed Afif Monrat

PhD Student
Luleå University of Technology
Pervasive and Mobile Computing
Computer Science
Department of Computer Science, Electrical and Space Engineering
+46 (0)910 585372
A112 Skellefteå

1. Monrat, A.A., Islam, R.U., Hossain, M.S. and Andersson, K., 2018, October. A belief rule based flood risk assessment expert system using real time sensor data streaming. In 2018 IEEE 43rd Conference on Local Computer Networks Workshops (LCN Workshops) (pp. 38-45). IEEE.

2. Monrat, A.A., Islam, R.U., Hossain, M.S. and Andersson, K., 2018. Challenges and Opportunities of Using Big Data for Assessing Flood Risks. In Applications of Big Data Analytics(pp. 31-42). Springer, Cham.

3. Hossain, M.S., Monrat, A.A., Hasan, M., Karim, R., Bhuiyan, T.A. and Khalid, M.S., 2016, May. A belief rule-based expert system to assess mental disorder under uncertainty. In 2016 5th International Conference on Informatics, Electronics and Vision (ICIEV) (pp. 1089-1094). IEEE.

4. Alharbi, S.T., Hossain, M.S. and Monrat, A.A., 2015. A belief rule based expert system to assess autism under uncertainty. In Proceedings of the World Congress on Engineering and Computer Science (Vol. 1).


Conference paper

Blockchain Mobility Solution for Charging Transactions of Electrical Vehicles (2020)

Monrat. A, Schelén. O, Andersson. K
Part of: Proceedings 2020 IEEE/ACM 13th International Conference on Utility and Cloud Computing UCC 2020, s. 348-353, IEEE, 2020
Article in journal

Survey of Blockchain from the Perspectives of Applications, Challenges and Opportunities (2019)

Monrat. A, Schelén. O, Andersson. K
IEEE Access, Vol. 7, s. 117134-117154