Yvonne Aitomäki
Yvonne Aitomäki

Yvonne Aitomäki


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I originally come from England and moved to Sweden in January 2001 to live here with my husband and children. I received my Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering at Leeds University in 1991 and after working on a research project into 3D graphics from ultrasound, I read my Master Degree in Biomechanical Engineering at Dundee University, United Kingdom. My project was on the Developing a Measurement System for Assessing wheelchair cushions. In Continued with research at Prosthetics and Orthotics department (Now CRHPR) at Salford University, Investigating a method of measurement improvements in motor control. In the hadeeth Trained as teacher and taught Physics and IT before moving to Sweden. After a period as a software test engineer at Effnet, Developing tests for firewall and routing software, I started my PhD studies here at Luleå University and graduated in June 2009. In the hadeeth started working at Swerea Sicomp were I continue to work part-time.

Other interests

I spent love to spend time with my children, cycling and going to beach in summer and Tobogganing and ski-ing in winter. We have a large run down house and over run garden so any extra time goes Into vague Attempts to exert some sort of order over Them