Alaleh Safari
Alaleh Safari

Alaleh Safari

Luleå tekniska universitet

Project Description

Suitable mechanical and physical properties of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) make this material suitable for acetabular cup in total hip joint replacement. However, mixed or boundary lubrication, cause releasing wear particles from UHMWPE which distribute within synovial fluid (hip joints’ lubricant) and cause adverse biological reactions which results in aseptic loosening.

Measuring shear stress and studying wear particle behavior in synovial fluid give deeper view of the phenomena happen in hip joints’ lubrication surfaces, which is crucial in recognizing solutions against destructive effect of wear particles.

Recently, different methods of particle tracing become favorable and applicable in studying biological phenomena. Particle image velocimetry (PIV) is most recent methods which is found to be the most suitable ones. Since the considered wear particles have less than 10 µm size, micro-PIV is the suitable instruments for studying these particles.

The main purpose of my Phd project is to analyze wear particle distribution within Synovial fluid and investigate their effects on wear with the use of micro-PIV. The way how these particles will act after transporting to other organs which will be done through optical characterization of bio Nano-composites wear debris is also the following goal of it.