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Albin Dahlin Almevall

PhD student
Luleå University of Technology
Nursing and Medical Technology
Department of Health, Education and Technology


Article in journal

Accelerometer derived physical activity patterns in 27.890 middle‐aged adults: The SCAPIS cohort study (2022)

Ekblom‐Bak. E, Börjesson. M, Bergman. F, Bergström. G, Almevall. A, Drake. I, et al.
Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports, Vol. 32, nr. 5, s. 866-880
Article in journal

Associations between everyday physical activity and morale in older adults (2022)

Almevall. A, Wennberg. P, Zingmark. K, Öhlin. J, Söderberg. S, Olofsson. B, et al.
Geriatric Nursing, Vol. 48, s. 37-42
Article in journal

Concurrent validity of the International Physical Activity Questionnaire adapted for adults aged ≥ 80 years (IPAQ-E 80+) - tested with accelerometer data from the SilverMONICA study (2022)

Jerry. Ö, Annika. T, Dahlin Almevall. A, Håkan. L, Mia. C, Carl. H, et al.
Gait & Posture, Vol. 92, s. 135-143
Article in journal

Experiences of home as an aspect of well-being in people over 80 years (2022)

A mixed method study
Almevall. A, Nordmark. S, Niklasson. J, Zingmark. K
Journal of Advanced Nursing, Vol. 78, nr. 1, s. 252-263
Article in journal

Accepting the inevitable (2021)

A mixed method approach with assessment and perceptions of well-being in very old persons within the northern Sweden Silver-MONICA study
Almevall. A, Zingmark. K, Nordmark. S, Forslund. A, Niklasson. J
Archives of gerontology and geriatrics (Print), Vol. 92