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Ali Chabuk
Ali Chabuk

Ali Chabuk

PhD student
Luleå University of Technology
Soil Mechanics
Mining and Geotechnical Engineering
Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering
F635E Luleå


Article in journal

Potential use of UTES in Babylon Governorate, Iraq (2020)

Al-Madhlom. Q, Nordell. B, Chabuk. A, Al-Ansari. N, Lindblom. J, Laue. J, et al.
Groundwater for Sustainable Development, Vol. 10
Article in journal

Landfill Site Selection Using MCDM Methods and GIS in the Sulaimaniyah Governorate, Iraq (2019)

Alkaradaghi. K, Ali. S, Al-Ansari. N, Laue. J, Chabuk. A
Sustainability, Vol. 11, nr. 17
Article in journal

Landfill Sites Selection Using MCDM and Comparing Method of Change Detection for Babylon Governorate, Iraq (2019)

Chabuk. A, Al-Ansari. N, Hussain. H, Laue. J, Hazim. A, Knutsson. S, et al.
Environmental Science and Pollution Research, Vol. 26, nr. 35, s. 35325-35339
Article in journal

Application of the HELP Model for Landfill Design in AridAreas (2018)

Case Study Babylon Governorate, Iraq
Chabuk. A, Al-Ansari. N, Laue. J, Alkaradaghi. K, Hussain. H, Knutsson. S
Journal of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Vol. 12, nr. 12, s. 848-879