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Andreas Almqvist
Andreas Almqvist

Andreas Almqvist

Luleå University of Technology
Machine Elements
Machine Elements
Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics
+46 (0)920 492407
E837a Luleå

Research theme - Computational Tribology

- Multiphysics & Multiscale modelling and simulation of Contact Mechanics, (EH)Lubrication and Leakage.

The figure below illustrates physics and different scales involved in ski friction, which is an example of a problem that we are currently looking at more closely.



Andreas is responsible for and he teach a variety of courses related to the topics of machine elements and tribology on the first, second and graduate students:

Examiner for course at first level M0012T - Machine Components

Examiner for course at advanced level M7033T - Scientific Computing with Applications in Tribology The Course Compendium is Open Access and can be downloaded from DiVA ->here<-.

Examiner for an Online Open Course in Scientific Computing with Applications in Tribology

Lecturer in courses at advanced level M7018T - Advanced Machine Elements

Other courses offered by the Division of Machine Elements:


I finished my 2nd cycle (MSc in) Engineering Physics studies at Luleå University of Technology (LTU) in December 2001 and started my 3rd cycle studies directly thereafter. In September 2006, I defended my computational tribology biased thesis entitled On the Effects of Surface Roughness in Lubrication, which comprises a number of papers on models and methods enabling numerical analysis of the effect of surface roughness in lubrication. After my dissertation, I moved to England to carry out 2-year postdoc (all of 2007 and 2008) under the Marie Curie Transfer of Knowledge act, at Shell Global Solutions in Chester. I returned to LTU in January 2009 (doing 80% research and 20% teaching) on a 5-year contract granted funding from The Swedish Research Council (VR). In November 2010 I became Docent and I received funding from the Marie Cure actions. In January 2012, I was employed as an Associate Professor and given the responsibility for the modelling and simulation branch at the Division of Machine Elements, Luleå University of Technology. During next five years I participated in VR projects, was the project leader for the industry-funded project Metal-2-metal seals, and I was granted funding from VR as project leader for the computational tribology project; New Concepts in Thin Film Flow Modelling, Swedish Research Council (2014-4894).

In May 2017, I was appointed Professor of Machine Elements. I’m currently the scientific leader for the 4-year computational tribology project; Multiscale Topological Optimisation for Lower Friction, Less Wear and Leakage, Swedish Research Council (2019-04293) financed by VR and I run student projects (detailed below) in cooperation with both academic and industrial partners. Since 2004, I’ve published over 80 peer-reviewed journal- and conference papers and my H-index is 28Google Scholar. The majority of the publications are modelling and simulation biased. I’ve been involved in the development of new applied math and in the application of novel multiphysics and multiscale models and methods to the field of Tribology. Much more applied work is, however, also part of my publication list. During recent years, specific attention has been devoted to modelling and simulation of leakage in seals and fruitful collaboration between the Fluid Mechanics, Mathematics and Machine Elements divisions, has been established. Recently, I've started a collaboration with the Machine Learning division and we are developing AI-based methodology for the modelling and simulation of tribological applications.

Since 2019, I'm the Editor-in-Chief for The Proceedings of the IMechE Part J – Journal of Engineering Tribology, which is one of the main journals in the field. I'm a member of the faculty board at LTU. I've also been Guest Editor for a Special Issue - Multiphysics and Multiscale Models of Tribology in Lubricants. I’ve been a member of the NT-18 review panel for the call in Natural and Engineering Sciences of the Swedish Research Council (VR) (2016 and 2017). I’m also engaged in teaching (1st, 2nd and 3rd cycle courses) and I contribute to the development of engineering education at LTU in my role as coordinator for the Master Programme in Engineering Physics and Electrical Engineering.

During the autumn of 2021, I was admitted to participate in the Swedish Olympic Committee's research programme Olympisk Offensiv, together with five other strong Swedish sports researchers. The goal is to get a more focused interaction in the R&D work for the benefit of coaches and active in SOC's Topp och Talangprogram.

CV (Updated Oct 2021)


Swedish Olympic Committee Research Fellow
Professor of Machine Elements, Luleå University of Technology, SE-971 87 Luleå


Master of Science in Engineering Physics: 12 December 2001
Doctoral degree: 22 September 2006
Qualification as Teacher: 10 November 2010
Qualification as Full Professor: 1 May 2017


2007-2009: Postdoc. Marie Curie Host Fellowships - Transfer of Knowledge Act; 2 years at Shell Global Solutions UK and 1 reintegration year at LTU.


Andreas have followed 8 third cycle students to PhD. He is currently supervising 6 third cycle students and he has been External Examiner for 9 doctoral students in Sweden and abroad.


The world's fastest ski, Sports and performance technology, Olympic Offensive, Swedish Olympic Committee.
Multiscale Topological Optimization for Lower Friction, Less Wear and Leakage, VR (2019-04293).
Simulating the Performance of Plastic Seals (SUPERSEAL), Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics.


H-index 27, more than 100 publications in total. Full list of publications: .


2021 Swedish Olympic Committee Research Fellow
2017 Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) - Award for research and development in the field of tribology.
2014 SAGE Best Paper Award, Proc. of the IMechE, Part J: J. of Engineering Tribology.
2010 SAGE Best Paper Award, Proc. of the IMechE, Part J: J. of Engineering Tribology.
2010 Duncan Dowson's Prize at the 37th Leeds-Lyon Symposium on Tribology.
2010 Royal Sagittarius Society - Young Researchers Award.
2006 The Best PhD thesis at LTU certified by Norrbotten's Research Council.
2005 The Best Licentiate thesis at LTU certified by Vattenfall AB Vattenkraft.


2nd Virtual International Tribology Research Symposium (ITRS2021) -Computational Tribology, Dec 2021 (Keynote speaker), IFTOMM Tribology Section Webinar Series - Bearing geometry optimization, Nov 2021 (Invited speaker), The Web Seminar Series on Tribology (WeSST) - Constructing Digital Twins in Tribology, Oct 2021 ( Invited speaker ), Balkantrib2020, May 2021 ( Keynote speaker ), The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, May 2021 ( Invited lecture ), Triboindia2020, Dec 2020 ( Plenary talk )


Editor-in-Chief for the Proceedings of the IMechE Part J - Journal of Engineering Tribology (2019-).
Member of the faculty board, Luleå University of Technology, (2019-).
Member of the NT-18 review panel for the call in Natural and Engineering Sciences 2016 & 2017 of the Swedish Research Council (VR).
Member of Editorial boards: Proceedings of the IMechE Part J - Journal of Engineering Tribology, MDPI Lubricants, MDPI Fluids, Elsevier Applications in Engineering Science.
Professional reviewer of proposals for European-, Swedish- and the Czeck Research Councils.


Team manager for the elite junior hockey team Luleå hockey J16 2018.
Vasaloppet nr 349 (4:48:42) 2014.
Björkliden Arctic Mountain Marathon 30 1st place 2010.
Powerlifting 1st place at the Junior Norrbotten District Championships 1993.
Benchpress 2nd place at the Junior Swedish Championships 1996.


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The impact of cross-country skiers' tucking position on ski-camber profile, apparent contact area and load partitioning (2023)

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A Scientific Perspective on Reducing Ski-Snow Friction to Improve Performance in Olympic Cross-Country Skiing, the Biathlon and Nordic Combined (2022)

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Frontiers in Sports and Active Living, Vol. 4
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A Stress-State-Dependent Thermo-Mechanical Wear Model for Micro-Scale Contacts (2022)

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