Álvaro Tomás Soria Salinas
Álvaro Tomás Soria Salinas

Álvaro Tomás Soria Salinas

Space Technology
Department of Computer Science, Electrical and Space Engineering

Contact telf: +46 980 67536, +34 671 905194


Article, review/survey

Ladakh (2020)

diverse, high-altitude extreme environments for off-earth analogue and astrobiology research
Pandey. S, Clarke. J, Nema. P, Bonaccorsi. R, Som. S, Sharma. M, et al.
Part of: International Journal of Astrobiology
Article in journal

The HABIT (HabitAbility: Brine Irradiation and Temperature) environmental instrument for the ExoMars 2022 Surface Platform (2020)

Martin-Torres. J, Zorzano. M, Soria-Salinas. Á, Israel Nazarious. M, Konatham. S, Mathanlal. T, et al.
Planetary and Space Science, Vol. 190
Article in journal

Wind retrieval from temperature measurements from the Rover Environmental Monitoring Station/Mars Science Laboratory (2020)

Soria-Salinas. Á, Zorzano. M, Mantas-Nakhai. R, Martín-Torres. J
Icarus (New York, N.Y. 1962), Vol. 346
Article in journal

Subsurface scientific exploration of extraterrestrial environments (MINAR 5) (2019)

analogue science, technology and education in the Boulby Mine, UK
Cockell. C, Martin-Torres. J, Zorzano. M, Bhardwaj. A, Soria-Salinas. Á, Mathanlal. T, et al.
International Journal of Astrobiology, Vol. 18, nr. 2, s. 157-182