Andrei Filippov
Andrei Filippov

Andrei Filippov

Luleå University of Technology
Chemistry of Interfaces
Chemical Engineering
Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering
+46 (0)920 491839
C137 Luleå

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Article in journal

CO2 absorption and ion mobility in aqueous choline-based ionic liquids (2019)

Filippov. A, Bhattacharyya. S, Shah. F
Journal of Molecular Liquids, Vol. 276, s. 748-752
Article in journal

Dynamic and structural properties, cloud point of mixed micelles of oxyethylated isononylphenols (2019)

Arkhipov. V, Arkhipov. R, Idiyatullin. Z, Filippov. A
Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology
Article in journal

Effect of Cholesterol and Curcumin on Ordering of DMPC Bilayers (2019)

Kotenkov. S, Gnezdilov. O, Khaliullina. A, Antzutkin. O, Gimatdinov. R, Filippov. A
Applied Magnetic Resonance, Vol. 50, nr. 1-3, s. 511-520
Article in journal

Oxyethylated Isononylphenols in Carbon Tetrachloride (2019)

Arkhipov. V, Arkhipov. R, Kuzina. N, Filippov. A
Applied Magnetic Resonance, Vol. 50, nr. 12, s. 1381-1389
Article in journal

Peculiarities of NMR relaxation in micellar gels of Pluronic F-127 (2019)

Butakov. A, Filippov. A, Gimatdinov. R, Chernov. V
Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology, Vol. 40, nr. 3, s. 403-407