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Andrei Filippov
Andrei Filippov

Andrei Filippov

Luleå University of Technology
Chemistry of Interfaces
Chemical Engineering
Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering
+46 (0)920 491839
C137 Luleå

Research project


Article in journal

Diffusion of Ions in Phosphonium Orthoborate Ionic Liquids Studied by 1H and 11B Pulsed Field Gradient NMR (2020)

Filippov. A, Bulat. M, Sergei. G, Shah. F, Antzutkin. O
Frontiers in Chemistry, Vol. 8
Article in journal

NMR relaxation and self-diffusion in aqueous micellar gels of pluronic F-127 (2020)

Shaikhullina. M, Khaliullina. A, Gimatdinov. R, Butakov. A, Chernov. V, Filippov. A
Journal of Molecular Liquids, Vol. 306
Article in journal

Self-diffusion in ionic liquids with nitrate anion (2020)

Effects of confinement between glass plates and static magnetic field
Filippov. A, Antzutkin. O, Gimatdinov. R, Gnezdilovd. O
Journal of Molecular Liquids, Vol. 312
Article in journal

Temperature dependence of 1H NMR chemical shifts and diffusivity of confined ethylammonium nitrate ionic liquid (2020)

Gnezdilov. O, Antzutkin. O, Gimatdinov. R, Filippov. A
Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Vol. 74, s. 84-89
Article in journal

Understanding the Interaction of Boric Acid and CO2 with Ionic Liquids in Aqueous Medium by Multinuclear NMR Spectroscopy (2020)

Filippov. A, Antzutkin. O, Shah. F
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, Vol. 8, nr. 1, s. 552-560