Andreas Lundbäck
Andreas Lundbäck

Andreas Lundbäck

Associate Professor
Luleå University of Technology
Material Mechanics
Mechanics of Solid Materials
Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics
+46 (0)920 492856
E876 Luleå



Article in journal

Binder jetting of the AlCoCrFeNi alloy (2019)

Karlsson. D, Lindwall. G, Lundbäck. A, Amnebrink. M, Boström. M, Riekehr. L, et al.
Additive Manufacturing, Vol. 27, s. 72-79
Article in journal

Modelling additive manufacturing of superalloys (2019)

Lindgren. L, Lundbäck. A, Fisk. M, Draxler. J
Procedia Manufacturing, Vol. 35, s. 252-258
Article in journal

Thermal simulation and phase modeling of bulk metallic glass in the powder bed fusion process (2019)

Lindwall. J, Pacheco. V, Sahlberg. M, Lundbäck. A, Lindgren. L
Additive Manufacturing, Vol. 27, s. 345-352
Article in journal

Thermal stresses and computational welding mechanics (2019)

Lindgren. L, Lundbäck. A, Malmelöv. A
Journal of thermal stresses, Vol. 42, nr. 1, s. 107-121
Conference paper

Additive manufacturing and high performance applications (2018)

Lindgren. L, Lundbäck. A
Part of: Proceedings Of The 3rd International Conference On Progress In Additive Manufacturing (PRO-AM 2018), s. 214-219, Pro-AM, 2018