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Andrea Toffolo
Andrea Toffolo

Andrea Toffolo

Luleå University of Technology
Energy Engineering
Energy Science
Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics
+46 (0)920 493416
E149 Luleå




F7014T Thermal Turbomachines and Steam Boilers,

F0039T Aircraft Engine Technology,

F7020T Internal Combustion Engines


Article in journal

Biomass-based gas use in Swedish iron and steel industry (2020)

Supply chain and process integration considerations
Nwachukwu. C, Toffolo. A, Wetterlund. E
Renewable energy, Vol. 146, s. 2797-2811
Conference paper

Impact of carbon prices on fuel switching in the iron and steel industry (2020)

Nwachukwu. C, Wang. C, Toffolo. A, Wetterlund. E
Part of: Industrial Efficiency 2020 - Decarbonise Industry!, eceee Industrial Summer Study proceedings, ecee, 2020, 6-045-20
Article in journal

Modeling biomass production during progressive nitrogen starvation by North Swedish green microalgae (2020)

Gojkovic. Z, Lu. Y, Ferro. L, Toffolo. A, Funk. C
Algal Research, Vol. 47
Conference paper

Optimizing Biomass Utilisation in Iron and Steel Production (2020)

Nwachukwu. C, Wang. C, Toffolo. A, Wetterlund. E
Part of: e-EUBCE 2020, Book of Abstracts Summaries, s. 118-118, European Biomass Conference & Exhibition (EUBCE), 2020