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Aniruddha Mondal
Aniruddha Mondal

Aniruddha Mondal

Experimental physics
Materials Science
Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics


Article in journal

Biosynthesized δ-Bi2O3 Nanoparticles from Crinum viviparum Flower Extract for Photocatalytic Dye Degradation and Molecular Docking (2022)

Chouke. P, Dadure. K, Potbhare. A, Bhusari. G, Mondal. A, Chaudhary. K, et al.
ACS Omega, Vol. 7, nr. 24, s. 20983-20993
Article, review/survey

Recent trend of CeO2-based nanocomposites electrode in supercapacitor: A review on energy storage applications (2022)

Das. H, Balaji T. E, Dutta. S, Das. N, Das. P, Mondal. A, et al.
Part of: Journal of Energy Storage